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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Basic Web Scraping

Leveraging modern cloud-based tools like WebscrapeAi, we offer efficient and accurate data extraction from specified websites. Ideal for clients with straightforward data extraction needs, our Basic Web Scraping service is your first step into data-driven decision making.

Starting at $50 per project. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Advanced Web Scraping

For more complex data extraction tasks, our Advanced Web Scraping service is the perfect solution. Whether you need data from multiple pages or intricate websites, we handle it all. Experience comprehensive data extraction tailored to your specific needs. 

Starting at $100 per project. Get in touch for more details.

Data Cleaning

Extracted data often requires cleaning and formatting. Our Data Cleaning service includes removal of duplicates, handling of missing data, and formatting the data to your specifications. Make your data analysis-ready with our expert cleaning services. 

Starting at $30 per hour. Reach out to us for a custom quote.

Data Analysis

Turn your data into meaningful insights with our Data Analysis service. From identifying trends to making predictions, we help you understand what your data is telling you. 

Starting at $40 per hour. For actionable insights derived from your data, contact us today.

Monthly Web Scraping Subscription

For clients requiring regular data extraction, we offer a Monthly Web Scraping Subscription service. Get weekly or monthly data extraction and delivery based on your needs. For consistent, regular data extraction services, get in touch with us. 

Starting at $200 per month.

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